Hospitality EPOS systems

A hospitality EPOS system is the best thing that has ever happened in the hospitality industry. This is a system that offers all business solutions ranging from creating reports to analyzing and monitoring the reports. It is a management system that handles all the management issues of the business making it easier for entrepreneurs to run their businesses. In simple words, an EPOS system is an all-inclusive system that combines the organization’s hardware and software to pave way for easy understanding of the business.

An EPOS system in the hospitality sector provides a well-organized avenue for processing and tracking the main business activities such as sales and procurement. Using this system, the business owners do not need to record stocks and sales manually. This results in accuracy and efficiency in running a hotel, restaurant and other such businesses.

Besides managing inventory and sales, EPOS is also used in the hospitality industry to improve on service delivery. With the introduction of these systems, it is now possible to integrate the different departments. Orders collected from the client are sent to the kitchen and cashier concurrently. This guards the business against misappropriation from rogue employees. The attendant records the order on a device that is remotely connected to the point of sale terminal and another terminal in the kitchen. The kitchen staff prepares the order while at the same time the cashier prepares the bill.

EPOS has also made possible tracking employees performance hence enabling fair compensation and appreciation. It allows employee data to be captured and tracked. The integrated system requires employees to clock in on arrival and clock out when leaving. Before the introduction of EPOS, there was a lot controversy surrounding overtime payments and tracking of customer satisfaction. This system allows customers to send in their complaints and compliments via a portable electronic device instead of having to fill in a customer satisfaction questionnaire. In case of any complaints, the information is received by the management in real time and is sorted as fast as possible.

EPOS just like many other technological advancements is a huge blessing in the hospitality industry. The efficiency it comes with is out of this world. Running the system is quite affordable and only requires an expert to install and train relevant people on how to manage the system. This means that it does not require an IT expert to be on the ground every other time.